• House Specials

  • Seasoned grilled shrimp served on a bed of rice and covered in queso. Served with grilled veggies, [...]

    Grilled chicken breast served on a bed of Mexican Rice and topped with queso. Served with grilled [...]

    Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese, topped with tomatoes and [...]

    Stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon, battered, then fried. Topped with chile con queso and served with [...]

    Poblano pepper stuffed with shredded beef, battered and fried to golden brown, then covered with [...]

    Choose your own platter! Choose any 2 of the following Mexican favorites and we will serve it up [...]

    Fajitas are a traditional style of preparing meat dishes that has been handed down for generations [...]

    Seasoned grilled tilapia, covered in a shrimp and crawfish cream sauce. Served with grilled [...]

    Grilled skirt steak chopped and wrapped in 4 flour tortillas. Served with charro beans, avocado [...]

    4 Mexican style tacos served with rotisserie pork then topped with cilantro onion mix, jalapeno [...]

    Two tamales smothered in enchilada sauce and chile con queso. Served with Mexican Rice and refried [...]